Sunday, October 19, 2008

Whatcom Democrats Literature Drop

This is Matt. He proudly displays a "Republicans for Obama" sticker on his bedroom door. He and I used to get into some pretty heavy debates a few years back, but because of the religious right and the fact that Sarah Palin is the VP nominee, he promptly reconsidered.

I have been wanting to volunteer and do something for Obama's campaign for awhile now, and finally got off my ass and did it thanks to Matt's Facebook status update asking if anyone wanting to join him this morning. Sure, it was only passing out flyers for the Whatcom Democrats to (mostly) registered Democrats around WWU reminded them to vote Democrat, but it still felt good. We were surprised to find on our route an adorable Corgi! Anyone who knows me, knows I am in love with these dogs. I can't wait to get one someday. Just look at it! I wanted to pick it up and run back to my apartment.

During the brisk walk on the hills around the Sehome neighborhood, I worked up quite an appetite. My wonderful boyfriend suggested a meal after I told him about the veggies and supplies I possessed. You are seeing a yellow curry dish with carrots, potatoes, spinach and shallots with green tea. Scrumptious!

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