Thursday, October 2, 2008

Monotonix Live @ Cap Hansens

First of all, like the My Morning Jacket show, I want to say up front that this blog post won't do the show and experience justice.

That being said, I just got home from seeing Monotonix for the second time at Cap Hansens, and this show was way crazier than the last. For one, Nate and I were in the front of the bar, where the band eventually migrates during its performance. Tons of beer was spilled and thrown everywhere (I counted a pitcher, a full can of sparks, and at least 5 other beers), a trash can of dirty napkins and paper towels was crowd surfed, I had my hands all over a sweaty Israeli on several occasions (the band is from Tel Aviv), and I ran shirtless down the street with lots of other sweaty shirtless dudes and dudettes after the band as they brought the show, and drums, to the street corner. And somehow the cops didn't show up to ruin our fun.

Chris Fuller was there with a camcorder for an eventual youtube upload. I also saw Paul Israel taking pics and a ton of others with cameras, so expect to see better photos and video here soon.

My hat goes off to Cap Hanses for having the balls to put on a show like this a second time and not charging a cover. The tiny place was packed out with a huge crowd watching from outside and there was a huge mess to clean. I'm sure they made a ton of money though.

If you live in Bellingham and you like to have a good time, please see them next time they come to town. It was honestly the most fun, memorable night I have ever had downtown in this city.
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flipflops said...

Where the hell is there to perform at Cap Hansens?!

thegetupkid said...

The band started in front of the room, in front of the big round window. But that lasted like half the first song. The singer crowd surfed right away and ended up on the bar itself. The guitarist followed him, leaving the drummer on the floor. Then everyone moved the drummer's stuff to the middle of the room, which was actually kind of scary. I thought I was going to get smacked with a stick or hit in the face with a cymbal or something, especially the way people were pushing and stuff. I don't know how no one got hurt! And then the band took all the drums outside and motioned for everyone to follow them, so we ran out down to the corner. I hope to see the video of this soon, it was so nuts.