Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ben's Visit to Bellingham / Polar Bear Club

Ben, one of my best friends who lives in Seattle, was in town for the day so we got to hang out. I don't get to see him enough, but when we do, we have awesome times. We decided to go for a walk to the Farmer's Market downtown. I found out the hard way that it's no longer the season for only a shorts and t-shirt, which bummed me out. That just means I need a new hoodie!

So after the farmers market, where I picked up some feta cheese and honeycrisp apples, we decided to walk over to the Whatcom Museum of History and Art. As soon as I walked in the door (admission was free!) I felt like a fool for not going in there years ago. They had quite a bit of art, and not all of it was folksy or landscape crap that you'd expect in Bellingham. I'll be checking out the The American Museum of Radio and Electricity and Mindport soon for sure.

After the museum, we hit up Dos Padres (the habanero black bean enchiladas are incredible) and hurried to see a band I've been waiting to play the northwest for a long time, Polar Bear Club. They played in Burlington, of all places, at the Common Ground Coffeehouse. The show was sick; they were super loud and intense, played a great setlist and we got in free. Ben hadn't heard them before and was way into it, too. I wish I had brought the camcorder.

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