Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Last Saturday

Last Saturday, originally uploaded by thegetupkid.

So I was too drunk by the end of the night to post any photos from Saturday, since I always pass out early, but it was a pretty awesome day. It was special because it was my good pal Aaron Kayser's birthday.

The day started by hitting up Bellcon where I scored some cheap Marvel and X-Men Series 1 cards. There were lots of nerds and geeks, and the con was much larger than I expected. If I still collected comics, I'm sure I'd have spent a ton of money. I also saw a bunch of Storm Troopers and my first real-life furry, so that was awesome. Then a bunch of us headed East toward Mount Baker to start the celebration and visit the legendary North Fork Brewery, where much delicious pizza and brew was consumed. The stout was amazing (and potent - 7.6%!) and we brought back a few growlers full. Then we watched some football (err, I played Mega Man 9 in the other room) until heading over to a few more bars.

I ended up at an art show downtown at the Jinx Art Space for Andrea's show. A lot of people were there that I hadn't seen in awhile and the Dandelion Junk Queens were playing downstairs. After hanging out at the nearby Grand Ave. Alehouse for awhile with Aaron and everyone else, we went back to Nate's where we watched some SNL and I passed out on the floor; a sign of a goodnight.

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