Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Music Update (part 2)

Paint it Black - Live on the streets of Philly

Yeah, the sound from this show isn't the best, so click on their name above to go to the myspace. "New Lexicon" is in my top 5 of the year for sure and is the most solid hardcore release of '08 in my opinion.

My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 2

My Morning Jacket performed the best show I've seen in 2008 (yes, beating Radiohead), but I am still a little torn over the new album "Evil Urges." I doubted that they'd be able to top "Z" and I don't think they did. There are still some really awesome songs on this one, though it doesn't feel as complete and as moving as "Z" did. That said, a lackluster MMJ record is still better than most bands best.

Crystal Castles - Courtship Dating

Crystal Castles might be the ultimate pretentious hipsters, but I still don't hate them. The 8-bit sound of much of their stuff (albeit borrowed from chiptune artists, check out the controversy here) is really appealing to me and quite catchy. Their self-titled album that was released this year was missing a few tracks that I have heard from early demos, but also contained a few surprises as well. Listen to this stuff and try to keep your head still.

Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook (live with Björk!)

Goddbledigook, which is possibly the most feel-good song of the year (regardless of the fact that we have no clue what he's saying), is only enhanced when Björk takes the stage alongside the band. I'll be honest, I haven't even listened to the entirety of "Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust," but what I have heard so far I liked a lot.

Portishead -Machine Gun

I'll be honest, I haven't heard much of Portishead before the new album "Thirds," but I've read it has a bit of a different vibe than their past material - yet retains some familiarity. The album is haunting, minimalist, beautiful and vulnerable. And Beth has an absolutely amazing voice. Portishead's back-catalog is on my list of stuff to find for sure.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Music Update (part 1)

Here are a five videos from bands I have really fallen for in 2008. I'll be posting more and more when I have time, with a complete "Best of '08" list coming soon.

Vivian Girls - Tell the World
I don't think I liked this song the first time I heard it, but this album has really grew on me over the last few days. If you are into genre definition, I'd call them shoegazey indie noise-punk. With female vocals of course. Just watch the video.

M83 - Kim and Jesse
I know every critic has said this, but this album truly could have been the soundtrack to most of your favorite 80s teen romance movies. Just like all the rest of his stuff, it's really, really good.

Fucked Up - Twice Born
This video was shot in a Men's bathroom (errr, washroom) for MTV Canada. Pretty funny that they got onto TV again. I still need to experience a Fucked Up live show.

Blacklisted - I am Weighing Me Down
Blacklisted puts on helluva show. Unfortunately, they made a pretty lame video (but the song still rules). If you are into hardcore at all, you must already have "Heavier than Heaven, Lonelier than God." For those of you not familiar, give it a shot.

Torche - Healer
This is easily one of my favorite songs released this year. Torche is awesome because their new album "Meanderthal" can appeal to Isis fans just as easy as they can appeal to Red Hot Chilli Pepper fans. And they are one of the only bands with a gay vocalist that I can think of that doesn't suck.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tofurkey, Sunsets, Beer and a Xmas Tree

What could they have in common? They are all things I've photographed over the last 3 days.

The Images:




The Descriptions:
a) A Tofurkey Vegetarian Feast we had tonight. It came with a Tofurky loaf, gravy, apple and cranberry potato dumplings, and a wish bone. Molly also fixed up some salad, goat cheese and bread, along with the potatoes and green beans you see surrounding the loaf. The food was actually quite delicious. Who needs meat anymore?

b) A pretty sunset from today around 4:30. It's so awesome having a 180 degree view out the windows at work. The clear skies have been producing some cold nights and even colder mornings.

c) Brewer's Night at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern. Sierra Nevada was there this week and I won some pint glasses. And our friend "Chubby Mac" was there yet again.

d) The fake tree at my work near my cube. I put it together and decorated it pretty much all by myself. I am glad I got to decorate at least one tree this holiday season.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Blog

Sorry I've been ignoring you over the last week. I've been busy with my boyfriend who was visiting over the week of Thanksgiving. We did a lot of fun stuff together that prevented me from sitting on the computer:

- Went to my sister's for Thanksgiving dinner and hung out with the family
- Trent and I cooked my very first casserole for Thanksgiving. It had yams, butternut squash, plantains, nutmeg and cinnamon, topped with gouda and sharp cheddar. It was really tasty!
- Visited Mt. Baker and played in the snow
- Went record shopping
- Visited the Department of Safety and Mt. Eerie in Anacortes
- Played Rock Band 2
- Drank a lot of wonderful teas (vanilla rooibos and almond green being my favorites)
- Saw some friend's bands play (Connecticut Four and Brownes Condition)
- Watched Zach and Miri Make a Porno (second time for me)
- Went to the Whatcom Museum of History and Art only to find they were switching exhibits.
- Went to the Lummi Island ferry dock only to find an enormous line that would have taken ages.
- Ate out waaaay too much. Here are some of the places off of the top of my head: The Bagelry, Mallard's, Dos Padres, Fiamma Pizza, Casa Que Pasa, The Temple Bar, On Rice, The Little Cheerful, Rocket Donuts, Great Harvest Bread, Fairhaven Pizza and Pepper Sisters. Phew! I guess bears love to eat.
- Found a hungry cat that belonged to a neighbor. He wouldn't leave after we fed him cheese. I'll finish this post with a photo of Trent and the little bugger. The cat even had the balls to wander into my apartment.

Don't worry my faithful blog-followers, I'll be back to regular posting soon!