Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tofurkey, Sunsets, Beer and a Xmas Tree

What could they have in common? They are all things I've photographed over the last 3 days.

The Images:




The Descriptions:
a) A Tofurkey Vegetarian Feast we had tonight. It came with a Tofurky loaf, gravy, apple and cranberry potato dumplings, and a wish bone. Molly also fixed up some salad, goat cheese and bread, along with the potatoes and green beans you see surrounding the loaf. The food was actually quite delicious. Who needs meat anymore?

b) A pretty sunset from today around 4:30. It's so awesome having a 180 degree view out the windows at work. The clear skies have been producing some cold nights and even colder mornings.

c) Brewer's Night at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern. Sierra Nevada was there this week and I won some pint glasses. And our friend "Chubby Mac" was there yet again.

d) The fake tree at my work near my cube. I put it together and decorated it pretty much all by myself. I am glad I got to decorate at least one tree this holiday season.


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