Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Get Up Kids DVD Trailer

According to this article, the Something to Write Home About reissue is out September 7 and includes a DVD with a full live performance of the album, as well as archival footage. I really hope there is more archival footage than what I've already seen on YouTube. I also wonder where these shows were filmed. If I remember correctly, one of the shows (maybe it was the On a Wire tour in 2002?) I saw at the Showbox in Seattle was being filmed...

Check out the trailer above. The 19-year-old in me can't wait!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Future of Music?

I don't know what this really is, or why it was made, but it's awesome.

Found via The Stranger's music blog, Line Out

Monday, August 10, 2009

Floor Fest '09

My friend Casey is booking three awesome shows this week at the venue she is helping to manage, The Ground Floor. Between WhAAM and the Ground Floor, Bellingham's all-ages scene has never been stronger. Help create an even brighter future by showing up at these shows and telling your friends. Every single one of these shows is going to be a good time. I am especially stoked to finally see Hour of the Wolf!

August 11th - $5.00
- Xibalba (Ponoma, CA)
- Envision (Bham)
- Media Mind (Seattle)
- Torerro (Bham)

August 13th - $7.00
- Hour of the Wolf (Prescott, AZ)
- Wolves and Thieves (E. Bay, CA)
- Touche Amore - (Los Angeles, CA)
- ManEatingWolf (bellingham-sters)
- Bully (angry young enumclaw punks)

August 16th - $5.00
- Unrestrained - (Vermont)
- Unrestrained - (PDX)
- Not Sorry - (Seattle)
- The Helm - (Seattle)

Check out this goofy Hour of the Wolf zombie attack music video: