Monday, August 10, 2009

Floor Fest '09

My friend Casey is booking three awesome shows this week at the venue she is helping to manage, The Ground Floor. Between WhAAM and the Ground Floor, Bellingham's all-ages scene has never been stronger. Help create an even brighter future by showing up at these shows and telling your friends. Every single one of these shows is going to be a good time. I am especially stoked to finally see Hour of the Wolf!

August 11th - $5.00
- Xibalba (Ponoma, CA)
- Envision (Bham)
- Media Mind (Seattle)
- Torerro (Bham)

August 13th - $7.00
- Hour of the Wolf (Prescott, AZ)
- Wolves and Thieves (E. Bay, CA)
- Touche Amore - (Los Angeles, CA)
- ManEatingWolf (bellingham-sters)
- Bully (angry young enumclaw punks)

August 16th - $5.00
- Unrestrained - (Vermont)
- Unrestrained - (PDX)
- Not Sorry - (Seattle)
- The Helm - (Seattle)

Check out this goofy Hour of the Wolf zombie attack music video:


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