Friday, March 27, 2009

Upcoming Shows this Weekend (+ Monday)

Friday, March 27
Envision, Horizons, Rebuilt, Wolfellatio
@ 1100 21st St.
Bellingham, WA

Envision are all good bros and I am excited to see them live for the second time. Check out the demo HERE, which I hear they will have at the show in cassette format. I would post a video from their last show that I recorded, but they'd get pissed. Fuck it, they won't see this. Click HERE for video I filmed from their first show at a different house in Bellingham.

The other bands should be good too. Dragline used to play with Rebuilt occasionally, Horizons has some members from Daggermouth, and I've been meaning to see Wolfellatio. Be there or go to the other house show in town - support local music!

Saturday, March 28
United State of Electronica, Velella Velella, Strength
@ the (reopened!) Crocodile Cafe
Seattle, WA

I haven't seen many U.S.E. shows during the last few years, especially compared to the 25 or so times I saw them over a year or two span back in college. They were on sort of a hiatus while working on the new album, but it looks like it will soon see the light of day! Check out a new track over at the Stranger's music blog LineOut. I am more than ready to dance my ass off, see some familiar faces I haven't seen in too long, and have a great time.

Monday, March 30
Pelican, Wolves in the Throne Room, Tombs
@ the (reopened!) Nightlight Lounge
Bellingham, WA

This is the first show that will finally get me out to the newly-reopened Nightlight in Bellingham. Up until this point, it seems like they've been having a lot of hip-hop shows, which I am not as much into in a live setting. Anyway, I am excited to be back there, and even more excited to see Wolves in the Throne Room. They play ambient black metal with really thick guitar tone and minimal howling vocals. I think it'll be really interesting live. I haven't seen Pelican live before either and unfortunately, I am not too familiar with their back-catalog, which I am told is better than the sorta-boring, but still decent "City of Echoes." This will be a fun show, and a warmup for next Saturday's Torche show!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cave 9: 2002-2009

Cave 9 was the only music venue solely dedicated to all-ages shows, usually of the punk / hardcore genre, in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. Due to some complications finding a permanent space and significant debt, Cave 9 is gone. Because my boyfriend has been involved for the 6+ years of Cave 9's life, I personally attended a handful of shows at the original Magnolia St. location, as well as the first show when they moved above Greencup Books. Even though punk rock will live on and kids will find new places to book shows, the permanence and camaraderie of Cave 9 will be sorely missed. The venue changed a lot of lives and put Birmingham on the map. Ask anyone in a punk or hardcore band who toured in the south sometime in the last 6 years, and they'll tell you fond memories of their experience at Cave 9.

The following is a documentary shot in 2007 to let the public know about the function and importance of the venue, as well as their tax issues they faced:

More articles / photos after the jump:

A feature in the Birmingham News about the organization in 2007 reports the closing of the venue

And lastly, a photo after the final show at the venue's original location:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Anamanaguchi's "Dawn Metropolis"

Anamanaguchi, an incredible band from New York who layer guitars and drums over original NES melodies and beats, just released a new album called "Dawn Metropolis." You should check out the player below (just click on one of those stripes to start a video) and then buy the album on vinyl or CD (vinyl recommended of course).

I've had the pleasure of seeing them live twice (once at PAX, another downstairs in a bar in Brooklyn) and they really killed it, but they worked especially well in a smaller, more intimate setting. If you get the chance, go see them. If you are like me, you'll have a really sore neck the next day.

Oh, and their first full-length "Power Supply" is also awesome and free to download here:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Bloody Valentine LIVE in Seattle

YES!!! My Bloody Valentine has announced a small string of dates around their Coachella performance, including Seattle on April 27 at the WAMU Theatre. Pre-sale starts next Wednesday. Count me in!

Stream a handful of songs from their masterpiece "Loveless" after the jump:

My Bloody Valentine - When You Sleep
Found at

My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
Found at

My Bloody Valentine - Soon
Found at