Monday, March 16, 2009

Cave 9: 2002-2009

Cave 9 was the only music venue solely dedicated to all-ages shows, usually of the punk / hardcore genre, in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. Due to some complications finding a permanent space and significant debt, Cave 9 is gone. Because my boyfriend has been involved for the 6+ years of Cave 9's life, I personally attended a handful of shows at the original Magnolia St. location, as well as the first show when they moved above Greencup Books. Even though punk rock will live on and kids will find new places to book shows, the permanence and camaraderie of Cave 9 will be sorely missed. The venue changed a lot of lives and put Birmingham on the map. Ask anyone in a punk or hardcore band who toured in the south sometime in the last 6 years, and they'll tell you fond memories of their experience at Cave 9.

The following is a documentary shot in 2007 to let the public know about the function and importance of the venue, as well as their tax issues they faced:

More articles / photos after the jump:

A feature in the Birmingham News about the organization in 2007 reports the closing of the venue

And lastly, a photo after the final show at the venue's original location:


Paul said...

Hey, I got to play there about a year ago and heard about the closing down of the space(which was an awesome DIy space)) is there anything going there? ay way/where to book something(houses,smaller venues,pubs)? I had a good time and would like to come back full band, but am having a hard time getting any conatct with folks.
850 766 4784

our friends

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