Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Hugo Awakening

As requested by former colleague Mr. Al Castle, here are some more shots of Hugo. He woke me up twice this morning running on his wheel. Of course as soon as I turn the light on and try to snap a pic of him in action, he stops completely. I can't believe how fast and long that little guy can run on that thing. Maybe he's training for the Hamster Olympics or something.

I'm still working on getting some video of Hugo being all cute while he's running or eating, but in the meantime, watch this one:


Amy L. said...

Get a silent wheel dumbass! That's what we have. :)

SmugMonkey said...

Finally more Hugo.

You need to setup a night vision camera. Just grab some infrared LEDs and hook them up to a battery. The video camera will be able to pickup the light.

Or simply sneak up on him, aim the camera at the cage with the lights still off and hope the flash of your camera is enough to catch him doing his thing.

I also would like to see Hugo take on a spider and other bugs. Sort of a Thunderdome setup, where you get to say, "Two men enter. One man leaves."

Also if you guys could dress up for Halloween as MasterBlaster ( and post pics that would rock.

thegetupkid said...

To tide you over, check out this site:

It is awesome.

It's mostly been laziness and/or forgetfulness that has prevented me from getting more pics and video. I'll get to it soon.

thegetupkid said...

Amy, it's mostly the pitter-patter of his little hamster feet moving so fast. But I think the wheel does squeak a little bit.

I am thinking about buying him one of those big sweet cages with different play areas from Fred Meyer soon. Right now he's basically in an old fish tank....

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Paolo said...

That's hilarious dude.