Sunday, November 2, 2008

Torche at El Corazon

Both Torche and Coliseum put on kick-ass shows at El Corazon last night in Seattle. First of all, it was crazy to be back at that venue after so long. It takes a special band or two to get me to drive down for shows lately, usually due to work or lack of people to come with me, but I am glad I made the effort last night. Both bands had a ton of energy. Torche was heavy as shit and I think Coliseum played faster live then on record, which was impressive. The show wasn't totally packed (which was nice), I got some sweet merch, and I even got to meet fellow homo, Steve Brooks, who sings for Torche and was a really nice guy. Seattle's The Stranger published this roundtable discussion about being gay in the music scene. Brooks is interviewed along with Brian Cook of These Arms are Snakes and Juan Valezquez of Abe Vigoda. It's a pretty interesting read, but maybe just because I can relate.
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