Monday, November 3, 2008

My Morning Jacket Vinyl Collection

So I've basically spent all day and night helping a friend list her record collection on ebay. There's lots of good stuff at great prices, so check out the selection here:

In the process of taking photos of her stuff, I decided to take the photo above of all of my My Morning Jacket records. I am pretty sure I have all of their stuff now minus the spoken word LP they put out, but I don't really count that ;)

I was inspired to take a photo like that because of a thread I saw on the message board. People are posting their collections of a single artist and this one made me INSANELY JEALOUS. Easily the best collection on the internet:

The Get Up Kids

I don't even like to imagine how much that is worth.


SilverMoonWolf said...

Hi. I'm Frank West and I believe you called me "hot" at a certain gaming page.

Well hello yourself. ;)

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