Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Night

We really did it. America has elected Barack Obama to be it's 44th President. I couldn't have been more happy about that. For the first time in my adult life on November 4, 2008, I truly felt proud to be an American.

I spent the evening with the Whatcom Democrats at the Lakeway Inn. Food was provided and the night was hosted by Congressman Rick Larsen. It was really awesome to be around a whole bunch of passionate people from the community who supported Obama. Folks were cheering, crying, calling loved ones, hugging each other... Because not only did Obama win the election, but he won by a landslide like I was hoping for. He took over what were past red states across the country, and is sparking a new political landscape.

Lakeway Inn:

We headed downtown after getting some food at Boomer's to find another large gathering at the corner of Railroad and Holly. I honked the horn, parked and joined the celebration. We chanted, danced, cheered and had a good time. Eventually the group started heading up Holly, completely blocking traffic. We turned onto Samish and heading back down Chestnut, gathering once more at the corner of Chestnut and Railroad. Here is an awesome video from the march, a few more photos I took, followed by a few from Lauren. It was a total blast and a night I'll never forget.

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Amy L. said...

PRESIDENT OBAMA--HOORAY!!! I have to tell you that Bella got into a fight with her best friend on the bus the day after the election because her friend was dissing Obama (her friend's parents supported McCain). She said later on they just decided "not to talk about the election anymore so they could still be friends." LMAO!! Go BELLA!! :) :) Bella also told me, "She doesn't really know what Obama stands for Mom. She only is saying what her parents told her because they don't like him." What a smarty pants, eh??